Tuesday, November 29, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station October: Radio Fé, 1220 Lima Peru

Well, once again - the propagation favoured Peru - and on October 28th especially Lima area - there were a lot of Lima stations audible - and almost nothing else! This was a typical very concentrated propagation towards a certain area which sometimes happens during the local sunrise. Stations from Lima were noted on about a dozen mw-channels from 1010 to 1570.
It was very interesting a note a station on 1220 whose program sounded very different of what I have noted here - it seemed to be christian station with some "palabra" and music, after 05 utc with promos mentioning also "Radio Fe" - I was a bit surprised to hear that as I did not know anything like that here. After some resources and again help from Henrik K. (thanks HK) it turned out to be a fairly new station at Lima Peru - Radio Fe 1220. The reception was rather good at time although with heavy spatters from 1215 and 1224. Also the station´s slogan "La Senal que Mueve Montanas" was heard.
It seems the station has started in 2010 and the station has a web-site and it streams the programs on net as well:http://www.radiofe1220.com/.

Saludos a Radio Fé Lima !


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