Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Asia DX Finally Started!

Finally I was able to get my MW-Asian DXing started with a Longwire on Ground (about 280 metres to NE) - or "LW on Mud & Clay - "LWoMC". It seems -as always in October - that conditions are quite good to Far East & South East Asia. It seems nowadays cx favour more southernly parts of Asia - in 2009-2010 Far East / Japan was more frequent.
Let´s see if we can get some new South East Asian stations, especially I would like to get some new Philippinos and Thai stations.
After the first days one new Philippino station was noted - this one on 1350 (1349.97) and it seems this is DZXQ Metro Manila having at least some days programs also after midnight. Thanks to HR at the Barents Region (see the link of his Barents DX Blog at left side) it seems they also relay ANTV channel.
Let´s see if we get the real ID soon, at least during the last weekend (21-23 Oct.) there was no ID at midnight.

The updated list of the Philipinos heard durinf the last years at the King´s Village QTH below.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station August 2011:Radio América 1630, San José, ER, Argentina

This is station was first captured in Europe at the end of July(in the UK and Sweden by HM) and soon discovered by Henrik Klemetz to be a new station transmitting the FM-channel "Radio Melody" at San José Entre Ríos Argentina.
It was very nice to be able to pick up the signals also at my QTH, first during the PUDXK-Summer Meeting on August 3rd (see earlier posts) and after that it seems the signal is quite often at least visible on the chanel and also with audio at times. It is nice to note this one dominates quite often the frequency and it is easy to recognise being a very steady carrier at 1629.992 kHz. Other carriers (one or two from Argentina as well) seems to drift more. This could be seen at the IQ-analysis picture below (many horizontal lines because of static).

Also in September the station seems to carry "Radio Melody" programming at least at night time. One of the best days of reception was on Sept 18th when the station had a nice program of Argentinian Tangos (Tango is very popular in Finland as well) around 03-04. A full ID of Radio Melody at 03.30 was heard as well.

The station has verified the first reports thanks to help of Henrik Klemetz (to Hasse Mattisson SWE & Andrew Brade UK) - thanks to HK for sending a picture of a nice eQSL!

73 TK