Sunday, April 29, 2012

King´s Village DX-Station March: Radio Iracema Ipu Brazil 1360

Sometimes a station starts to dominate a channel previously dominated by another stations. This seems to have happened with a few Brazilians from CE and Ipú. On 1360 the most common station from L.A. has been the Lima station La Nueva Q FM and from Brazil usually either Bandeirantes or R Cultura, Paulo Afonso, BA. But this spring suddenly it seems the Ipú station Rádio Iracema has been heard quite easily, slightly below the nominal frequency (around 1359.988). Another station from Ipú has been noted also quite often on 1520 kHz. So it is a pleasure to announce Radio Iracema as a DX-Station of March 2012! The station has a webpage with online audio as well - very nice to listen to! 73 TK