Sunday, April 14, 2013

King´s Village DX-Station March: MBC Korea

Well, although the conditions were good to the West (Latin America) some morgings in March and not so good to the Far East this month´s station is of the country currently in the focus: Korea. The MBC - Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation has been noted on several MW-channels during the last years and it is one of the latest stations audible in late spring. That is possible as the best frequency (1386, HLAM Mokpo) is open late and there is an interference free window around 17-18 UTC. During the last years MBC has been noted at my DX-QTH on
half a dozen channels, some of them only once during 2009-2010: 774, 819, 855, 900, 990, 1080, 1107, 1242, 1287 and 1386. The Mokpo station 1386 is really the easiest one of these. All the stations have usually their own IDs prior the top of the hour with a well know interval signal tune. Some of them also gives their callsigns (H-L--) as well.
When I was active collecting QSLs I did send a report (in Korean in fact) to the 1107 station (HLAV, which was on 1110 during the old frequency plan of Asia) I got also a nice QSL and a pennat/standard of the station.
An example of the audio of 1386 will be in my clip-collection later on.