Friday, August 5, 2011

PUDXK Summer Meeting 2011 at Kungsböle Lovisa 3-5 August

(Some text added on August 7th & UPDATE 11 August)

Once again the weather during the meeting was very nice with temps around +25 daytime and not too cold even at night.
The meeting started with a repair of the FM-antenna by JSN & MKA, Thank You guys! No Es was noted but tropo got better on friday morning. After the antenna fix, FM-dx was also made on the roof by tiny Tecsun rx, which seems to be a very good rx!

The main meal was traditionally "Kungsböle rökt lax"(KingsVillage smoked salmon) with some nice Riesling wine Altenberg de Wolxheim - Alsace Grand Cru 2008 (thank you MKA,JSN,LN!).
The meal ended also with traditional "Sun Blueberry Pie" with handmade vanilla sauce (tnx JSN!). If you compare now the pie to the one in the meeting summer 2009 (the report is at - now we can see a lot of spots whereas in 2009 the sun (and the pie) was totally blank! As we know after 2009 the sun was almost spotless for two years - and now the situation has changed. And of course the main disturbances occured just during our meeting - and we are waiting still for the next two CMEs due to arrive soon! The animation of CMEs can be found here!

And there is no dx-meeting without sauna - this time we had nice sauna both nights and the second one with 5 blondies from nearby local brewery!

Some AM-dxing were also made and a few Peruvians were noted - however the conditions changed due to the disturbance. Now we tested also remote-dxing as MR had his RXs at Joensuu on all the time and the configurations to my new modem (capable to connect to the net with 3G and also distribute the connection to 8 pcs!) were done by JSN (thanks!).
Later on at night (morning on August 6th at around 2220utc) a visible Aurora was noted here - I could not make photos of it but a nice piece of video was made only about 100 kms West of King´s Village in Helsinki:
All in all, the meeting went well; thank you all! Now the MW-dx Season 2011-12 is officially opened - although the night between 5th and 6th August showed NO ONE signal from TA when I made a recording of 1200-1700 kHz with the NetSDR. Next night (August 6th-7th) only a few Transatlantic signals noted, like Globo 1220! But the conditions will improve next week... hope so.

Update 11th August: After checking SDR-files from 4th August the new Argentinian station on 1630: AM 16-30 San José Entero Rios BA (relaying Radio Melody) was noted (4th August 1.15 utc-). It seems while we were having the "early morning sauna" around the sunrise the condtions were favourable.

73 TK