Wednesday, May 30, 2012

King´s Village DX-Station April: Radio 41, San José, Uruguay

April dx-conditions turns often southwards - this time quite a few good openings to South America were noted to Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Southern Peru. However I missed also quite a few of them due to the electric power cuts at the cottage. On April 21st however, a number of stations from Uruguay and Argentina were noted. Uruguay was noted at least on 1360, 1370 (should be the Montevideo station), 1410 (ID), 1470 (presumed to be former very common Cristal), 1510 (CW57 ID), 1540.01 (could be Patria), 1560 (should be Maldonado) and two stations on 1580 (unfortunately no ID - although HK checked the recording, but only mentions of "Republica oriental del Uruguay" was noted). This station, CW41 Radio 41 is not the hardest to get, being fairly common and thus a good indicator of propagation. The station suffers often QRM from a Brazilian (nowadays Cultura Ipú seems to be a dominant here). CW41 is slighly below the nominal frequency at around 1359.99. Also CW41 can be listened (like more and more Latins nowadays) via the web page: There is also a lot of information on their web-pages. Amnong other news there was a news about the "Milk Expo" at Nueva Helvecia (Uruguay has a number of interesting names of towns!). So let´s have a glass of fresh milk! Saludos a Radio 41 CW41! 73,TK