Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starting the New Season - Looking to the East

The season has started with sporadic Dxing with two SDR-Iqs recording every now and then. Because of thundering weather it has been more or less sporadic until these days of September. When looking to the East (photo) the planning of the LWOG-BOG is now going on. However Dxing Asia (with the LWOG at about 45 degrees) has to start first with a temporary wire as the plowing in the field is expected some time in Sept or October.

So far the best Trans-Atlantic DX was noted on 24 August with a couple of Bolivians (1390, 1520.05 and 1540) and a few from Peru like Arequipa on 1440 (and presumably on 1540). A big thanks to Henrik Klemetz for help with these! Later on some Argentinians have been noted as well like those on 1630 (San José now on 1629.83 and Diagonal 1629.98) and Guaraní AM 1650 (now moving up being at around 1650.12 in the beginning of Sept.). Finally got the ID of Radio Santa Mauro Brasil on 1540.415 (thanks to MKA who alerted me about the full ID at 0301 on Sept. 2nd. This is a very usual station on the offset but hard to get an ID as it usually plays non stop music before the c/d.
When trying my LWOG just recently I found a few Japanese with decent signal already with 2 meters wire and booming later on when I got about 250 m wire on the ground. I forgot to check the attn of Perseus so the recording started to clip soon around 18 utc. Let´s see if something more from the East can be found – I have to take the wire off soon before the plowing starts.
I wish you all a happy autumnal equinox on Sept 22nd!

By the way it seems there is a big correlation between Apples and DX-conditions: when you get a lot of apples the cx are worse (like this year)!

73 TK

PS: Added some new clips to the Box-section.