Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PUDXK Summer Meeting 2012

Once again a part of the PUDXK-team spent some time during a brief summer meeting - this time only one night on July 26th-27th at the Kungsboele QTH. This time MKA, JSN, MR, LN and TK were discussing about the current trends in DXing (including "how to identify a rare station"). In fact some rare catches of the last season were identified - at least some nice catches of LN including Honduras on 1320 and an Aussie on 1305. Some live DXing were also tried at least by JSN and MR at night but with not very good results "live". Using remote RXs (the Perseus-network) there were some signs of new stations including a Peruvian (presumed) on 4810. Looking at the photo reveals the team looking to the West and concentrating to listen to a remote RX at MKAs QTH at Hämeenlinna where some Bolivians were noted - this night at least 1580 was heard, but probably some other stations as well.
The meeting celebrated also 27th of July - this is a date of "seven sleepyheads" in Finland. This date suits well to the PUDXK-team as the original team constists of seven members (JPR, JVA, TUA, MR, JSN, MKA & TK). As the team will be about 10 years old next year we have to start the planning of the big celebration soon!
Good food was also in an important part of the meeting. This time we had a nice soup to start with by LN (starting the preparation in teh photo) and the main dish included a traditional smoked salmon. This time we had a "King´s Road Salmon" (the fish was smoked beforehand and carried carefully about 130 kilometres along the historical Kings´s Road - this time from a Village "Bemböle" to "Kungsböle"). Maybe more of this recipe later on. Unfortunately there is no more an "official King´s Road" page; however something about this ancient route can be found at this page