Sunday, September 4, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station SUMMER 2011: Radio JPJ Lima 3360 kHz

Usually MW-SW-listening is not the first priority in summertime, but sometimes something happens. This summer a new station was discovered on 3360 kHz. And it was a new one from Peru! This is nice as the number of SW-station has been going down since a few decades. One of the first who noticed this signal was the famous TreDX-gang during the DX-pedition in Åland around June 10th.
More info about the station with pictures at the TreDX-blog.

Soon quite a few were able to listen to this station with it´s lively music programmes during the morning hours. It seems it had some problems with the TX in July but it is going nowadays better and also with stronger modulation.

And if you want to hear HIFI-signal, just check the stations web-feed:

Saludos Cordiales a Radio JPJ!