Tuesday, September 3, 2013

King´s Village DX-Station August: Radio Rubí Argentina 1670

It is no wonder that this one is the station of the month. It is always nice to have a new DX-target in South America. Furthermore this has been the easiest Argentinian to be heard on mw thanks to its high frequency. Also the conditions towards Argentina (as well as Brazil) are usually favourable in the begining of mw-season in August.
Actually something was heard already during the PUDXK10-year-celebration meeting on August 3rd, but the signal was a bit weak to identify. Later on the signal improved and the staion was audible several nights around 0200 utc on 1670, the exact frequency being very stable on 1670.005 kHz.
The station has a web-page also with chat possibility - it seems there was some chat also from the Nordic listerners as well on the page. You can also listen to the programs via the web page: http://www.radiorubi.com.ar/.

Saludos cordiales a Radio Rubí!

PS: A few interesting splits noted in August like 1589.93 Brazil, 1599.805 - according the program content & frequency this should be the Chilean Nuevo Tiempo - best signal August 29th.. Other splits like 1600.085 (this was audible also in spring), 1469.83 (Record now here), 1479.965 Brazil, 1540.435 Santa Mauro Brazil c/d around 0230(+-).