Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peru gone - Birds are back!

After some power downs during the last weekend - no IQ-recordings to check (although some Latin cx had been observed in Scandinavia) - the birds are back in the area while K´s have been up to 6-7 and geomagnetic field is reverberating. Could the geomagnetic storms affects to their navigation system of geese? Maybe so.
Anyway after the first impact, an interesting opening to Japan (Oninawa and Southern Japan) was noted on October 8th when two NHK2:s were noted: JOLB 1017 (which is rather easy catch) and NHK2 1125 from Okinawa (& sev.other low power stations). And almost nothing else from the Far East ; later on a few of the powerhouse JO´s were coming through as well as very powerfull HL`s on 1134 and 972. Let´s hope something can be heard later this & next week although there seems to be three CH´s coming to face to the Earth and some potential sunspots as well.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birds gone - Peru is back!

At least the majority of those 300.000 geese left my DX-QTH last week, hopefully they did not touch my lwog-bog antenna, hi.
And it seems finally about a week ago (28th Sept.) conditions to Latin America improved a bit with a nice opening to Peru (& some Colombians etc as well). I have heard there has been some dx-openings also after that but can check my IQ-recordings only next week. An example of the most powerfull Peruvians can be found above (a short video, photos thanks to J.Tulla).
73s TK

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Latest Research of Propagation

The latest propagation research has revealed a new theory of the last months bad conditions especially in South Eastern Finland: there has been a lot of birds in the air lately - mostly around my QTH King´s Village no more than at least 300.000 - 400.000 geese has been calculated landing and trying to navigate to the winter areas. So you can image the situation in this area, alone in one part of (very near my QTH) Lovisa - 150.000 geese has been seen. Also at my DX-cottage , several mornings the big noise of the gaggles has been heard prior the best Trans-Atlantic dx time! Let´s hope the wind will turn and let them go towards to the NW-Europe again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

King´s Village DX-Station August: Radio Andina 1390

Bienvenidos Bolivia (photo TNX J.Tulla)!
As we ended last seasons presentation with Bolivia so it is nice to start with a new Bolivian Radio Andina Pongo K´sa, Dept. Cochabamba Bolivia on 1390 kHz.
In fact quite a few Bolivians were noted in Finland (and Sweden) during April through the summer to August. And it seems really we have forgotten to check Latin American Andian stations during the summer. Of course one reason at least to me is the lightning season which can damage our antennas and receivers. Especially unattended SDR-recording systems are in Danger.
Thanks to MKA who activated his home-QTH with good antennas the number of logged Bolivians has grown significantly recently. As far as I know at least 1300, 1390, 1520.05, 1540, 1550, 1580.5 are a few of the most commmon channels which have been open during the summertime. And in fact Southern Finland (not to speak about Southern Sweden) is one of the best place to hear these signals during the summer time.
Thanks to Henrik Klemetz many, like this one has been checked and identified. And HK also organized "old-fashined real" QSL-cards from the station via Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão who has been working in Cochabamba for some time. And thanks to the station's Sr. Victor Pacheco who has signed the cards.

Saludos a Radio Andina y Muchas gracias a Sr. Victor Pacheco y Sr. Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão!