Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No DXing (almost...)

Well, the reason is simple: the weather has been either "too good" which keeps busy doing other summer activities including a Finnish traditional "carpet washing in rivers and lakes" etc or the increased thunderstorm activity. Actually at the King´s Village area near sea we have only to look at the beautifull increasing clouds rather than having the very heavy storms at least until nowadays (around 12th July).
In fact I did one night a small bandscan on MW and found the usual Peruvian channels 1500, 1510 and 1640 (Kalikanto) with some audio - Santa Rosa 1499.985 being the strongest one. Usually in July there has been only Brazilians so this seems to be promising sign for the coming MW-TA-Season due to start around the end of the month or in the beginning of August.

I have been testing also the new mobile Internet connection: the speed is better and the fee lower - strange! - the new connection is running between 2-5 Mb/s download and 1-3 Mb/s upload; sounds good. Have to do some research as the mobile router needs the port forwarding in order to use it with the Perseus Net - connections. More about that later.