Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice 2014 !

Long time no updates. That is mostly due to the quite poor conditions at least at my DX-qth! I did manage to get my BOG-LWOG (at about 45 degr. - 300 m wire on the wet ground) working after all, but very few new stations have been logged so far. And as I have my Net-SDR working unattended there are always risks to stop recordings when the electric power is down - and usually that happens during a bit better conditions. Actually a few new Chinese stations were heard and one new Philippino for me in November - DZAR Sonshine Radio Manila 1026. This channel has been rather hard as the powerfull Iranian station seems to dominate. But generally at least in December so far the conditions have been rather poor compared to earlier seasons the last one-two-three years. But hopefully things are going to be better later on, lets hope so. And there is almost nothing to tell about Trans Atlantic reception as the antenna installations (a longwire) seems to have some problems too.

Today at 23:03 UTC is the Winter Solstice 2014, so the Northern Winter is about to begin! Only some snow so far but the weathermen says there will be some during the next few days.

I wish also a Happy New Year 2015!