Wednesday, January 19, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station December 2010: DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 kHz

Well, once again a new station from the Philippines! Thanks to JKZ of Tampere who found this one first I was also able to hear DZIQ 990 kHz in December 12th 2010. After making some checks of my earlier recorded Perseus-files it was also noted a couple of times before like on Nov. 6th which seems to be very good for the Philippines with a couple of interesting frequencies open (like 684, 954, 990 and 1080 together with some more common channels).
DZIQ seems to be easier now - I do not know if it has done something to the transmitter equipments - according to some information it is using 50 kW of power on AM. It is a news station having mainly talk / news programs at time of reception in Europe (12 - 13 utc). It is always nice to get it as there is also a strong German station dominating the channel and when conditions are favouring Asia, China easily dominates the channel as well.
It seems anyway that the station changed it´s call to DZIQ in 2010 and according to some sources it actually started broadcasting on AM in 2010. The station is owned by the newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer.
If you can not receive the station on MW you can access the web-page and have the feed with video from the studio, just click
Best Wishes to DZIQ Metro Manila!