Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Special Antenna Tests of a New Flag-6to1-antenna

A special new antenna design was invented at the King´s Village DX-QTH on Sunday May 15th. This special system constists of an ALA100 Delta-Flag combination System. The impedance matching is 6 to 1 ! This is a bit redisign of the Swedish 8 to 2 type of matching system. The work will continue with the Swedish and Finnish Teams developing these designs further on ;-). By the way at the picture the "Flag-element" of the antenna is just going up!

It seems this particular design did work so far only on 15th and 16th of May 2011 !

73, TK

Monday, May 2, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station March: Radio Alegría Arequipa Peru

Since a few years I have tried to capture this one with a real identification. There was also rumors that it the station have changed the name to "Radio Las Vegas". I even "send" my sister´s son to record some frequencies at Arequipa (when he was travelling the area). Afterwards there was no evidence of the name change. But finally at the end of March things started to happen with good conditions especially to the South of Peru and the Andies. Finally we got real identifications and also the close down announcement of this Radio Alegría, Arequipa. No doubt the station is still Radio Alegría. Also the web page was easily discovered with on-line transmission on web - cool! Furthermore Henrik Klemetz (&co) in Sweden found out that Radio Las Vegas is also on 1510 - but it is located at Cuzco!
Thank You HK!
Radio Alegría has been audible quite often this spring with nice programs of Peruvian folklore music. It seems the carrier frequency is stable at 1510.016 although the modulation on AM is a bit distorted - at web, the signal is loud and clear. There is also chat so when you listen to (AM or web) you can send greetings via net!

Saludos cordiales a Radio Alegría, Arequipa - La Ciudad Blanca!


(Photo by Jarkko Tulla, March 2010)