Sunday, October 13, 2013

King´s Village DX-Station September: DXCR Hope Radio Philippines 1386

Thanks to JHY and MR who informed abut this (JHY logged this first already in August) I did some serious monitoring around this channel. As I had (and still have) only a tiny KAZ-type antenna it took a few days and surely some better conditions were needed to pick this one. At last on September 8th in the evening the station was heard with the official sign on announcement at 21.00 UTC.
It seems this is not as easy to get anyway as this was the only time with good audio from the station. It seems the station starts it´s broadcast day usually just before 2100 utc like many other stations in the Philippines. The carrier is very easy to recognize starting on 1386.009 and decreasing a bit after that as the tx warms up. Another station which is pretty easy to get a bit later is the Bangkok station "Kaan Kaset" with the sign on around 22 utc. This one is usually on 1386.003-4 and the carrier frequency increases very quickly 1-2 Herz after the tx starts. In September conditions in the evening has been favourable to Northern Far East as the Korean HLAM has often been the dominant signal on the channel (and sometimes NHK Japan when it starts the day at 20.55).
This channel 1386 is pretty interesting now as there are no more big European interference letting those far away signals to come in.

All the best to the personnel of DXCR Hope Radio at the Mountain View College, Valencia City, Bukidnon, The Philippines!