Thursday, November 3, 2011

King´s Village DX Station September: Radio Vilcanota 1570 Peru

Once again dx-conditions favours Perú as often this fall. Already heard for the first time in August the station was afgain audible in September heard also by other DX-ers in Finland. It seems station can be heard although usually Bethel Lima dominates the channel. It is actually a bit higher than Bethel, so by looking at the screen (sometimes you have look at the screen on SDRs) you might separete these two Peruvian stations! Also the propagation conditions are sometimes very interesting letting through stations from Cuzco area or Southern Peru while stations in Lima area are not heard. That´s why it is so intersesting to dig these out of the noise.

Also this one has a web-stream at web - which I have not yet get working.

Saludos Cordiales a Radio Vilcanota Sicuani Peru!


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