Friday, November 11, 2011

Mornings and Nights at the King´s Village DX QTH

Some nice mornings in November has been noted with a beautiful sunrise, but after the geomagnetic storm in the end of October it took quite a few days to reach the better conditions; as a matter of fact after the "big bang" in Oct 25 the next "normal level" of Trans-Atlantic signals was noted on Nov 9th with quite a few signals from Colombia (Ondas de la Montaña on 1350 - normally very hard to get something due to Euro-QRM), Minuto de Dios 1370, Vida AM Manizales 1420, Maria (presumed via Ondas del Ibaqué) - Maria also on 1500 (Manizales) - on 1540 classical music was tentatively also a Manizales station. And some others. It was nice as there was almost none from North America to disturb. And the sunrise was beautiful, as well.

In the evening a nice conjuction of the Moon and Jupiter was noted on Nov. 9th as well - nice!


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