Wednesday, December 14, 2011

King´s Village DX Station November: La Primerisima 1470 Panama

It was quite easy to pick this one as a Station of the month as it was an interesting story to find this one on 1470. As we know, this channel has long been an "indicator frequency of Trans Atlantic propagation conditions".
I found some remarks in my notebook when I have made some routine checks on 1470 making notes like - "Primerisima - maybe a new slogan for Vibracion ", Vibracion slightly higher than usual" - as I found this one on about 1470.001 and Vibracion has been always below the nominal frequency.
Thanks (again!) to Swedish MW-dxers I found information that indeed this is "La Primerísima Panama". Actually on same days during November Panama has been audible also on 1350, 1510 (tent.), 1530 (tent.) and 1560. And some days La Primerísima has been one of the few signals on mw band!
AHK has made also a nice story about the station and has also been in contact with the station (and got a qsl as well) - more at "DX Perseus".

Tack till svenska DXare!

Saludos a La Primerísima 1470 Panama!


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