Friday, March 12, 2010

MW-conditions Nov. 2009 - Feb 2010

Maybe the best mw-reception conditions particulary to Northern Dimensions (actually from Japan to North America West Cost) were observed in Scandinavia during the last few months. The conditions did change however in February. Is this the normal annual change towards more active sun during the spring equinox or is this due to the rapidly increasing solar activity will be seen soon.

However I make a small analysis of the "Auroral level Indexes" (POES measurements) making a graph of smoothed indexis (about 9000 observations of the satellite measurements over the Northern Hemisphere) from November to February.

It seems that the lowest average of Auroral levels for a long time were on December 2009 with an averaged value of 2.64 while the averages for Nov. was 3.05, for Jan. 3.12 rising to 4.21 in February.

73 TK

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