Saturday, March 27, 2010

King´s Village DX-Station February: Taiyuan PBS China 1422

It took some time to announce the February DX-Station as I tried to found some info about this one - Taiyuan PBS, Voice the Elderly, which was first noted already in November - it must have raised the power as soon it become a dominant Asian station on this channel. Often it is also stronger than the German station, at least in Eastern Scandinavia. The ToH id starts always with a Time Check (like at 13 hrs) "Beijing shi jian er shi dian zheng" (Beijing time exactly=zheng 21) followed by "Taiyuan ren men guang bo diantai" (Taiyuanin People Radio Station) " and the channel "Laonian ren yisheng" (for Elderly People life) the frequency "AM yi si er er" (AM 1422) and at last "Huanying shou ting" (Welcome to listen). On screenshot you can see the station being quite strong on 1422.995 while Germany is on 1422.00. It seems this channel is only on AM as usually these Chinese channels gives first the FM then the AM frequencies.
The Chinese stations on MW are always a challenge as there seems to be always new transmitters and program channels to be found. Several new have been observed this winter as well. And well, the language is another challenge indeed!
Ni Hao!


  1. does it drift much?
    i have CC on 1421.998 on 18/11/09

  2. Hi Tim;
    At least in Feb it was quite near .995, I have to check if I can find some earlier recordings to check the frequemcy.
    73 TK