Saturday, March 20, 2010

SDR- IP impressions

SDR- IP impressions during a one night listening tests
at Muhos:

As there has been earlier posts about the SpectraVue´s approach to listening and measuring the frequencies (see posts on the KingsVillageDX-blog) this is not discussed here rather we try to make a summary of the lsitening tests by TuA in Lapland, some comparisions by listening to mw-band at Muhos (about 1000 m beverage to the West) on March 5-6th and the analysis of the recorded files by afterwards.

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  1. Thanks for this, i've been curious about the SDR-IP since i heard about it.
    hopefully it should start appearing on Retailers websites soon.
    also thanks for making me aware of that software to convert SDR wavs to different format, I may convert Nicks Middle east files to Perseus as i like Perseus' audio.

    think that annoys me is that i like different features on RF-Space and Perseus so i use both.
    it'd be good to have one "super" SDR that combined the best parts of both.

    I guess the ultimate question i should ask is, if you had to pick one which sdr would you keep?


  2. Hi Tim;
    As you may have noted the fileformat converter does not work for 190 kHz I-Q-files.

    As to what´s I´d personally keep, it is a bit difficult. If I had the money, well, both - but to be honest Perseus has more options just now for my use, although it has problems when measuring exact carriers ...

    73 TK