Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Latest DX-conditions Prediction Method

The new method for prediction of mediumwave reception conditions using the "Icicle observation Method" (not yet approved by scientists, though) has been discovered this winter! The picture shows a clear correlation of icicles and Auroral Level (prediction by the University of Colorado). More research will be done in a near future. Note that the picture shows improving conditions at the end of this month (27-28 Feb & 1 March)which actually have already been noted by Nordic dxers.
This is one of the items to be discussed at the next PUDXK-winter meeting next week near Oulu. There will be other interesting themes as well - stay tuned into the PUDXK-blog and this one in March. ;-)
And please be carefull on the roof - just now billions of tons of snow is covering the roofs in Finland and Scandinavia and people with snow shovels are a common view.
73 TK

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