Saturday, February 13, 2010

DX-Station of January: JOTR Akita 936

During this long solar minimum and maybe the best North Latitude reception conditions it was pretty easy to hear quite a few AM stations fom Japan even in Southern Finland with modest antennas. As reported earlier a number of these stations were audible around 10:30 - 14:00 UTC. The best time was usually around 11 utc up to 1320 (NHK2 local IDs) in December and in the beginning of January.
Although there were a few stations (heard for the first time by me) which were running with low power from 100 Watts (some NHK relays) to 1000 Watts, I decided to take this station ABS Akita Hoso JOTR 936 as a station of the month. I have never heard it in 1970´s when it was even easier to pick up some of these before the new frequency allocation in Asia. JOTR was first heard in December around 11 and 12 utc. But in January 10th the station had even better signal in the afternoon UTC.
Congratulations to ABS Akita Hoso!

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