Monday, February 22, 2010

Radio Symban, Sydney 2368.5 - once again

This DU-sw station seems to be a real DX-target in Scandinavia now. Rumours say it has more power now, although my observations show not very good reception. Or maybe conditions just have not been that good during those days I have checked it. But anyway it is also interesting to observe it also at urban QTH where audio is impossible. I made some measurements using a SDR-iQ and SpecLab just to check the best time to listen and the variation of the frequency. While the frequency can be seen rather well using the SpecLabs normal window, it is also easy to follow the signal level and the drift (abourt 1 kHz) using the SpecLab´s plotter window. As usual, the best time to listen has always been around the local sunset (at RX) and the sunrise at Sydney. The clip herewith shows that sometimes audio is good enaugh for an ID. The best reception I have had has been during a quick rise of solar wind.

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