Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This Blog will be devoted to DXing in King´s Village DX-QTH. Earlier notes have been included in the PUDXK-DX blog, which is a common Blog for all the members of the Northern Dimension DXers - a small community of DX-listeners particularly interested in Medium Wave DXing in Northern Finland and Lapland.
Since my main DXing QTH is in Southern Finland I will be reporting later - and hopefully more often - in this blog of my own.
DXing since 1970 has been changed a lot, earlier with analog receivers my focus was to listen and verify stations in the beginning of my DXing career. Nowadays my interests are in listening (mainly to Asia-Pacific and Latin America) "difficult stations on MW", making observation of offset frequencies and exploring reception conditions. I organize also special DX-camps in my Northern Finland QTH as well as in the "King´s Village".
King´s Village - Kungsböle (Swedish)- Kuninkaankylä (Finnish) is a small Village 100 kms to the East of Helsinki near Loviisa. My QTH is an old small house near the centre of the Village. The exact QTH is at 60N 25E. My second QTH is at Haapavesi, 500 kms North of Helsinki (65N 24East). I do some DXing at home in Espoo as well although the the level of RF-noise is high.
Current equipments: King´s Village: Icom9000, SDR-14 & IQ, Perseus-SDR. 280 m BOG NE, 130 m LW NW, 280 LW W. Espoo: SDR-IQ, ALA100 Loop. Haapavesi: Perseus-SDR (IQ), EKD 515. Sev lws/beverages/bogs - partly under construction.

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