Saturday, October 24, 2009

DX-Station of September: NuevaQ FM Lima Perú

The September DX-station was a Peruvian station which is rather new broadcasting on MW-band. The reason was easy: I discovered a strange programme which sounded Latin, maybe Peruvian with cumbia music. Soon I heard it mentioning "Nueva Q FM" or something like that. After some work with internet I discovered that there are at least that kind of programming on FM and Internet. After a while this station was heard all over Scandinavia (maybe the first loggings by Norwegians at Kalvoya already in August?) and it soon became a very easy target for Trans Atlantic DX enthusiasts. The station has a web feed as well, at least of this name - I do not know if the feed I found is exactly the same as on MW 1360 kHz. The recording of the station is made in September, but the station has been heard better also in October. I had to make some tricks with a still picture & sound - using Apple Mac´s clever iMovie application.
Congratulations to the Nueva Q-FM!
Felicitaciones a la Nueva Q FM!

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