Thursday, October 8, 2009

Indicator Stations from Far East

There are quite a few indicators of Far East conditions audible using a car radio. This is good as when driving to your DX-QTH you can listen what´s the situation on AM band is. I am very pleased with my latest VW and it´s integrated receiver with real knob! A pity it has no switch to 10 kHz increments, so listening to TA is difficult. One of the Far East examples of usual stations is Korea on 1566 - if it is loud and clear (and not India) the conditions over the Northern Latitudes are better. Also 1170 is a good channel to check if the dominant is an European, the Philippines or Korea. An example of the Korean KBS can be heard here.


  1. Excellent Blog Tarmo, Jurgen just sent me a link. I really get a thrill out of hearing dx on the car radio, the supplied radio in our Hyundai Amica is really great,its not Dynas/sharx but the gain is amazing.
    on 26/9/09 when i was holidaying in West Wales i had WWVA 1170, WBAP 820, WHKZ 1440, 1620 WHDP, as well as the common east Coast stuff like WBBR 1130, VOCM 590.
    actually 820 was the strongest TA signal i've ever heard on any equipment.
    but i can't listen while driving as the cars electronics create catastrophic interference to MW.
    its great to see your R9000, i was obsesssed with that rx for years, but when the time came to upgrade my equipment in 2008 i'd had some really bad experiences with second hand equipment so i bought the new 9500.
    i'm still fascinated with the 9000, hows the MW performance?

    regards Tim Bucknall

  2. Hi Tim;
    Thanks for the observations. R9000 is OK for MW although I use mostly SDR-equipments nowadays. I know the 9500 seems a fine rx, but expensive, too. 73 Tarmo