Thursday, October 15, 2009

King´s Village DX-station August 2009: Radio Princesa AM 1560

Brazil offers usually interesting dx-opportunities in August. This year we had several openings although the reception conditions started soon to favor more Northernly stations from Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.
Several sunday mornings I had a station right below 1560 kHz. Later on it turned out to be a new station for me ZYH257 - Rádio Princesa da Matas, Vicosa (AL)! It is possible that the station usually signs off earlier, but sometimes it was heard past 3 UTC. The frequency (1559.551) has been observed in Brazil as well. The latest list of Brazilian MW-stations (June 2009)is a good database of Brazilians, you can get it from DX-Clube do Brasil - Thank You!
By the way, while searching information of Radio Princesa, a video was found at Somebody has been there,hi! Online programming was not found, but it seems the home page is pretty new.

A good candidate of the DX-station of August was R Planalto de Ji-Parana 1390 kHz (new name, possibly a new owner,too?).

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