Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Towards the new MW-DX Season!

Once again we are on the important day of the Northern Hemisphere: the Annual Summer Solstice is now at 17.16 UTC - so we are now looking forward not only to the real summer season in Northern Europe - but also into the next medium wave DX as the nights are becoming gradUally longer. We in Finland have to survive the big "crazy" celebration days of the midsummer soon ("Juhannus"). Unfortunately the real ancient celebration which used to be rather exactly during the solstice has been transferred to the weekend around these days (and like many other such ancient traditions the christian culture has captured the old traditions). Anyway the tradition of Finnish Mid Summer Festifal is still strong with a couple of interesting magic traditions including Sauna & Swimming at remote lakes with mosqitos. Some - not so exact information of this - can be found at the BBC`s news - but there were notting about the Finnish Madness of DXing ? The story can be found at BBC-Finnish Midsummer

The picture below shows the situation at my Northern QTH (Haapavesi)- sun still shining after 22 local time at about 320 degrees.


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