Saturday, June 18, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station May: Radio Television Caranavi 1550

Bolivia on medium wave is not so easy at least with small antennas, but sometimes especially during the spring months it seems the propagation favours these stations when the usual dominants further North are not so strong. It seems this one on 1550 is one of the most common from Bolivia to be heard. That was the situation in the beginning of May when the MW was going to be rather silent at the end of the real MW-DX Season this winter. The station was dominating the channel quite a few mornings during the local sunrise at the DX-QTH. It seems the sation usues also "Television" in it´s station identifications. The signal was best usually around 01.30-02.00 UTC. The station has a web-page - also in English at

Best wishes to Bolivia!

73s TK

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