Friday, June 3, 2011

King´s Village DX-Station April: Radio Onda Cero, Chamaca 1640 kHz

A typical Peruvian programming started to appear on 1640 in April and after some work from the Swedish Experts including Fredrik Dourén, Torolf Johnsson, B I Holmberg + Henrik Klemetz - the location was discovered to be at Chamaca, Cusco dept. Peru. TNX HK & all other DXers in Sweden! The station had even a special program with greetings to Nordic listeners on May 6th, but the propagation (and the time of the program) did not favour our attemps to lsiten to the program.

Since then the station was audible rather often especially before May and the increasing sunlight here in Finland. I am sure we can capture the signals again in August. The high frequency and rather free channel can make it rather easy to get this one later on. There is however, many times also the Dominican station on the same frequency, but you can easily separate the programming of these two - Onda Cero has a typical "Peruvian modulation" and usually at night programs with folklore muisc and messages to the listerners. In April-May Onda Cero was very stable on 1640.008-.009 kHz. Maybe the high location has also something to do with the good reception. Hopefully we can get more info from the station about the power of the Tx.

The latest news from the station (via FD, TNX) - the new name of the station is RADIO KALIKANTO, with slogans: "desde chamaca-chumbivilcas para el mundo" "una radio para confiar".

Saludos Cordiales a Radio Onda Cero / Radio Kalikanto, Chamaca!


  1. Dear ,do you have a call or a full station name from the Peru station on 1640khz V ? I heard Peruvian music this morning here in Belgium at 0300utc
    Pls. lett me know something
    thanks in advance
    Maurits Van Driessche

  2. Thanks for info Henrik!
    73 TK