Saturday, November 14, 2009


Like Indonesia, Papua was an interesting target with a lot of stations on 120, 90, 75 and 60 meters in the end of 1900 century. Well, there are fortunately still a few stations left on 90 mb. Usually in winter period almost all active stations can be heard - some better durinf their morning broadcasts around 19 - 20 hrs UTC and some during the evening b´casts around 12-13 UTC. I made a scan of these in October while visiting my QTH at Haapavesi. The stations heard can be seen on the picture with offsets frequencies (+-1 Hz). There is a missprint on the picture - please note that .99xx means below the nominal while .0xxx is above!
Around 13 hours utc RRI 3345 had a break of a few minutes making possible to listen the TOH of the Papuan on 3345!
The best reception of these was on 3290:

If you want to check the band yourself you can also find a short Perseus file at 13 utc on 4shared:
90mb_2110_13ut_000 130045 130130.wav

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