Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fight against the Nature - BOG Biters!

In October I tried several times to get even something from the Far East and Australia on MW-band. I installed the BOG as usual on the cultivated field (to about 45 degr./NE). The simple antenna is about 250 m long, yet enaugh to bring something from NE direction and whats more important the noise level (mostly from the telephone lines near by carrying ADSL-traffic) is pretty low.
But the wire was destroyed several times in October - sometimes to several pieces - and it turned out to be rabbits / hares testing their teeths to my BOG! So nowadays I call these animals "BOGbiters".
However I have managed to do some DX although also the European QRM seems to be stronger this year.

Anyone who likes to check the band from 909 kHz to 1701 kHz (October 19th 15hrs UTC, there are of course a lot of Europeans, some Chinese etc but a few Aussies on X-band - 1620 the strongest - and on 1548 ? - but something sounds like English on 1233 as well? - Please send your comments to me if you find something interesting) can do by downloading the Perseus file of 30 seconds at:
SPR_091019-1450_01305kHz_001 150002 150032 .wav

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