Monday, November 30, 2009

King´s Village DX-Station, November: 4KZ Ingham, Qld, Australia!

That´s it - the X-bander 4KZ finally has been noted several times this fall, although I have had several "fights against the nature" with BOGbiters trying to eat my Far East Bog! The station has usually phone-in shows at nites and sometimes with very marginal signals it is easy to recognize during the TOH with interval signal music and time pips before the news. The best reception has always been during my local sunset around 14.30 - 16.30 UTC. It seems 4KZ has been so far the easiest catch although not so easy - 500 Watts AM and about 14.000 kilometers distance is the reason. I know some special conditions has been noted in the North (Lapland´s DXpeditons), but the situation is a bit different down here.
By the way - the Finnish Immigration Museum near Seinäjoki has received a house (hut) from Ingham last summer. It is an old sugercane workers hut of Finnish immigrants in Australia built in the 1900th century. Obviously it was not only Italians but Finns doing the cane cutting during that time. The barack will be rebuilt at the museum village next summer!
The article of the project is also at

Thank you very much for the email from 4KZ, the director of 4KZ - Al Kirton says "For some reason, we seem to receive quite a few reports from the Scandinavian region" - that´s right - Scandinavia is certainly a densely populated area of guys trying to pick up distant signals on AM! Another email from the station (Thank you Anthony Palmer - Maintenance Supervisor) contains some photos, here is a 100 Ft tower of the Ingham transmitter (1620 AM). Thanks guys down there!

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