Sunday, March 17, 2013

King´s Village DX-Station February: Radio Chaski Urubamba, Peru 5980

A new station in South America is always a challenging DX-target. When I got the information that a new Peruvian on 5980  was heard by TN (Sweden) in January I did some IQ-recordings with my SDR-IQ at home where the local man made noise is pretty bad. I did got something which I first thought to be the Brazilian on the frequency. Later on I was told that it was not active now, so this could have been R Chaski as well. I heard some speech before 23 UTC. Unfortunately I deleted the IQ-recording later on. In February I did some recordings around 2230-2300 utc and indeed there was a religious “bible reading” programme which later on was identified to be a daily (mon-fri) Bible programme of Radio Chaski. And finally when I realized to make a recording at about 01 UTC the closing announcement of the station was heard. Later on around 0100 there was the whole closing ceremony with the ID (with an instrumental version of a religious hymn also known in Finland – in English “What a Friend we have in Jesus”) and some speech & music until the c/d 0107. Later in March it seems the station has done something to the closing ceremonies (or the clock) as it seems to be closing down around 01.00…01.01 and it is audible not so long after the interfering big stations on the frequency. The IQ-analysis in March shows the carriers of the stations on the channels: Radio Chaski starting the evening transmissions after 22 utc (sometimes around 2210-2215 later on around 22 which is 17 utc), after 2300 BBC until 2400 and after 00 usually CRI (and another station´s carrier) and finally after 01 R Chaski for a while until the close down. A picture of the analysis below (on March 4-5). Thank´s to Bruce Maddux of the organization behind the station for a  picture of the transmitter and a view to Urubamba from the antennas of the station.

Best wishes & Thanks to the personnel of Radio Chaski Peru !

73s TK

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