Tuesday, February 26, 2013

King´s Village DX-Station January: R. Cultural del Táchira 1190

Sometimes on some frequencies the situation changes - previously dominating stations just fades away making room to new ones. Usually this is due to the new transmitters or antennas, sometimes it just happens. Anyway the situation on 1190 changed a bit in January. During conditions to Orinoco - Colombia, usually it is the Colombian Radio Cordillera here or sometimes Puerto Rico. But at least at my QTH during January and February the Táchira station has been dominating the channel pretty often. Something has been changed here as well - maybe the station started 24 h transmissions now. According to the station (thanks Pekka-PEH for info and the studio picture from the engineer at the station, Mr. Ramirez Chacon). He tells us also that the power is just now 4 kW and normally 12 kW. The transmitter is a Nautel XLR-12. Usually the station announces "La Cultural, Potencia Radial del Táchira" although it has several variations of the announcement.  Although the web page seems to be under construction, you can listen to the program just activating the page: http://www.radioculturaldeltachira.com/home/

Lets see if conditions are still favouring this one or should we get the usual change towards the Andies when the Peruvian above the nominal will be heard as often after the spring equinox.

Saludos Cordiales y Gracias a Sr. Ramirez Chacon & La Cultural del Táchira!

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