Saturday, November 3, 2012

Testing in two QTHs

At the end of October I finally tested how the new electricity network works at my "Northern QTH" at Haapavesi near the geografical center of Finland. The local electric distributer has finally took away all the open wires (like a big 20 kV wire around the antenna area) and it really means that the power line noise is gone at the QTH! Only one insulator was found on the ground! I hoped they would have left the piles but of course that was not the case - these piles would have been nice masts for long beverage antennas (directed to the NNE @17 degrees). I made some listening tests using a temporary LWOG (250 meters @ 80 degr.) and noted some SEA / FE stations like the big Japanese and a few from the Philippines (on October 19th) like DWXI 1314 (& 1350, 1530).
 At the King´s Village QTH I had to take my LWOG away (waiting the plowing at the area) and installed a delta FLAG using FLG100 units. I works OK, however I prefer LWOG/BOGs as the seems to be more sensitive to low-angle signals. The FLAG works best on SW and could be used on MW as well but it is not as effective for Far East. I have to compare it to the LWOG when I can but the wire again. The fields seems to be very wet now after big amounts of rain.


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