Sunday, November 11, 2012

King´s Village DX-Station September: Radio Comas 1300

I have tried Radio Comas since a few years but only some tentative observations have been made during the local sunrise when BBC 1296 has always been transmitting on DRM and blocking the channel very effectively. Now in September as the channel is "free" again it was possible to hear Radio Comas Lima during a pretty good opening to Peru (on Sept. 28th). At the same time about a dozen common peruvians were heard as well, some of them with quite good signal as this one although it seemed there was another Andian station on the channel as well. Unfortunately no other new stations were identified although an intensive investigations were made also by Henrik Klemetz - Thank You HK! One of the UNIDs were on 1330 (a few Herz below) with an "ID" and s/off at around 04.10 utc (Sept. 28th).
Radio Comas was very easy on short waves back in 1990´s - the picture shows the building of Radio Comas (received with a written QSL in 1997).

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