Sunday, March 18, 2012

King´s Village DX-Station February: JOHS Rumoi Hokkaido 1557

The frequency 1557 has one of the most powerfull signals from the East: Family Radio who blocks the channel almost totally. Sometimes a Chinese station can be heard but on February 12 I managed to note a short but interesting opening to Northern Japan with some strong signals especially from Hokkaido. So this station "Hokkaido Hoso" (relaying JOHR 1287) could be heard under the dominant station. Back in the 1970´s I collected several QSLs from Hokkaido Hoso already when they were not on European channels which made it easier to hear. However this was the first time to pick up JOHS 1557. The old QSLs were rather nice, I do not know if they send these nowadays.


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