Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Opening to the East

Once again a nice opening to the East, particularly this time to the Philippines was noted on March 5th around sunset. Often before the Spring Equinox time you can have nice reception to the East (SE Asia) around local sunset or just before that time.
On March 5th around 15 utc (near the local sunset) I made a TOH recording and soon discovered a few Philippine signals on several channels. At this time many of most interesting stations have already signed off, but some channels were audible, like 666, 882 (DWIZ, which has been rather rare nowadays), 990, 1269 (Bombo Radyo seems not to s/off around 14utc - at least now it was still going on), 1314 (with typical religious programs) and 1349.97 "la Verdad".
Earlier - many times - good propagation to the Philippines means there is a geomagnetic storm starting soon - and as we know now - the impact of the recent CMEs was due to come soon - now we know, the first one with bright Auroras occured on March 7th - maybe more to come?
An example on 990 kHz is here - DZIQ Radyo Inquirer was really dominating the channel around 15: Radyo Inquirer


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