Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Updates to the Philippino-DX & Japan-DX lists

I Finally made some updates to my lists of looged MW_Philipinos & MW-Japan lists. The Philippines stations are mostly logged during the last years (mainly 2007-2011) at my King´s Villages QTH near Lovisa (a couple of earlier loggings included) while the Japanese are all heard during the last two DX-seasons (from Oct 2009 - Febr. 2011).

From the Philippines only a few new were observed this winter, although the conditions were better to SE Asia while Japan / Far East was not that good which can be explained of the increased Solar activity.

Two interesting new ones from the Philippines were DZIQ 990 kHz and DXAB 1296 kHz.

New Japanese channels this season were 1125 (NHK), 1152 (NHK), 1197 (JOBF), 1296 (NHK), 1341 (NHK) - now free from Euro QRM!, 1431 BSS JO--, 1458 JO--. The number of Japanese is now 78, although some NHKs has only network ID and a few commercials are waiting to be identified. Anyway it seems that during low geomagnetic activity more than 50 Japanese MW-stations seems to be audible even in Southern Finland.

The Philipinos list is at the picture below. The list of the Japanese is presented at

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