Friday, February 11, 2011

The Latest DX-Tools at the King´s Village DX QTH

February means more light which affect of course to the MW-DX. While waiting for better conditions after the latest disturbance I noted a few good days with Far East / S E Asia reception just prior the geomagn. disturbance on Feb 1st. However new problems with antennas were noted although the latest tools to check the antennas has been invested (good during soft snow) in January. I fixed the BOG by inserting a new temporary wire of about 200 m to 45 degr. The wire has been covered by new snow, hopefully deep enough to be safe when the Skidoo traffic starts again! However something happened afterwards also to this and/or the transformer. Note the fixing of the ski bindings - using a piece of antenna wire! The skis are actual ex-Swedish Army skis,hi.

I will update my lists of the observe mw-Japanese stations (some new stations heard this winter) and the Philippines soon, so stay tuned!

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