Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Updating coming soon...

Hi All;

It seems that I can not be without my radios (sdrs..)  although I tried that more than a year now. Anyway all my best wishes to all who might be wandering here... As far as I see now after almost 1,5 years of inactivity of dxing, a lot of changes has been done lately and the bands seems to be a bit different in Europe.

Currently, I have an ALA1530 at my urban QTH and no antennas at the King`s Village QTH, but hope to see some improvements before the next dx-season (sometimes in August/Sept.).



  1. Good news, thanks Tram, 73 from Salzburg!

    1. Thank´s for the comment Christoph! Currently the increasing sunlight up here make serious mw-dx rather difficult... anyway best dx 73s tk