Sunday, December 1, 2013

King´s Village DX-Station October: RPP Radio Programas del Perú 1140 kHz

Sometimes Peruvian stations have good signals also in October - usually the best conditions have been earlier in September or August. Also this year RPP Radio Programas del Perú was audible several times on 1140 kHz. In the exact frequency is above the nominal (1140.25) which makes this one rather easy, although using simple antennas means also heavy interference from the European channel 1143.
Anyway it was nice to hear (again) this one. Actually, very few new catches this fall - partly due to unlucky listening (recording) sessions and maybe also due to the conditions which were a bit better last season.
According to several sources the location of the transmitter here should be Pilcomayo.

73´s TK

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