Sunday, August 4, 2013

PUDXK 10 Years - Annual Summer Meeting at Kungsböle 1st-3rd August

The Seven Sleepyheads!
This year we had the "full team" of seven to celebrate 10 Years of the PUDXK-team - although some members of the original team were not able to join us this year - yet we had a largest n:o of participants staying the whole meeting. PUDXK-team was started exactly about 10 years ago at the King´s Village QTH (3rd August 2003).

The picture below shows all participants this year - from the right: HN, JPR, LN, MKA, JVA, TUA and TK (toasting to the 10-year anniversary).

A new DX-conditions prediction tool!
The latest dx-conditions prediction tool showing Coronal Holes has been found - originally the old smoker for fish - which served as a smoker for about the last two Sunspot-cycles. As we could notice the hole was very near as where it was at the Sun at the same time (CH n:o 577).

Traditional dishes consisted of Smoked Salmon (&fresh boiled potatoes) with Melon-ham-salad on Thursday and a nice Marbled Steak (& baked tomatoes) with Greek salad (tnx MKA, LN) on Friday evening - and not to forget a nice starter of a Finnish "breadcheese" with coldsmoked salmon & pesto on the top of it!. Thanks to MKA, HN etc we had remarkable nice wines brought from Germany (like  good Franken & Riesling wines with Salmon). The usual "Sunspotpie" was served later on (homemade blueberry pie with vanilla souce).

King´s Village-QTH goes FM!
Finally we had the possibility to erect the FM-antenna on Friday and thanks to JVA the SDR-systems were put into operation with a Dientronik downconverter hooked up to the NetSDR-receiver (and SDR-console software). Unfortunately the Es-cx were down on Friday. Thanks to JVA&MKA the FM-antenna was erected onto the 6 m mast at the QTH. Future plans includes a taller mast & maybe a larger Yagi for FM. We are looking forward to the next summer "FM-dx-camp" with more FM-reception development; lets see...
The seven sleepyheads or ?
After a visit to Lovisa on Friday another six members trying to join at the meeting were met at the Kungsböle village center (near the old museum house from the 1800th centure) - they were joined by one of our members to make the full team of seven! Actually these guys try to show the way to the Culture Road of Western Kymi (Länsi-Kymen kulttuuritie). This road starts at Abborfors and goes thrue Strömfors, Kungsböle and Elimäki. As we know radiohobbies & DXing is part of the culture as well. More about the 34 km route can be found here:

We did not forgot to listen to AM of course!
Some AM-dxing were done as well - although the majority of the team members were sleeping like sleepyheads - but the NetSDR did the listening (NetSDR & 100m longwire). Afterwards some Brazilians were noted, Radio Povo 1560, Independencia 1440 and Restauracao 1590 among others (3rd August around 01.30z). Later on some signals from Radio Rubi 1670 were found (actually very weak during the meeting, however improving the next nights after that) and a Brazilian on 1550 (a new one for this QTH) "a Nova Radio Jardim da Borborema 1550" - this seems to have a new name now, maybe a new owner as well?


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