Wednesday, January 18, 2012

King´s Village DX-Station December 2011: BSS Sanin Hoso (JOHF 900) Japan

Japanese stations are rather common in (at least Eastern & Northern) Scandinavia. Although sometimes in Southern Finland the European QRM is very heavy. Aslo, often during the condtions towards Asia China tends to dominate channels.
So it was a surprise to log BSS also on 900 kHz in December with "Sanin Hoso" announcement. This seems to be a 5 kW JOHF. BSS has been audible several times also this winter on 1431 (when the Euro-QRM is not heavy), but this was the first time to get it here. Although the 1431 has other JOs, BSS seems to be the easiest and a lot easier than 900 (where China usually dominates if Europeans are poor). This logging was the my MW JO-station n:o 79 logged in King´s Village QTH (not all with local IDs however).

73 TK

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