Sunday, April 3, 2011

Radio Nord Revival 1512 kHz

In the beginning of March (8th, 12th & 13rd) it was nice to listen to Radio Nord on MW. Of course the reception was better on SW 6060, but it was interesting to note that both the first transmissions with 60 Watts had a readdable signal - as a matter of fact it was better than the signals of the more powerfull TX during the weekend 12-13rd March. The reason was that the first TX was a bit off the nominal on about 1511.897 kHz, so the intereference from the very powerfull Iranian (and Saudi) was avoided. The screenshot (picture above) on 12th March shows the analysis of carriers during the evening - my setup (IQ+PC) is maybe not staying on exactly on the channel, but as can be seen the difference of the carriers is only about 1 Hz, the Iranian being on about 1511.999 while Radio Nord was on 1512.000 (note that I have corrected my calibration error of 1 Hz by moving a lower scale a bit). Saudi-Arabia was on about 1511.991. What I have been told the tx of R Nord was very stable - may picture shows the variation of about 200 mHz, but that should be because of my receiver set up. The SDR-Radio IQ-Data File Analysis is a very good tool to analyse the carriers indeed.
Just looking forward into the next broadcasts of Radio Nord in May, more information from their web-page - stay tuned!

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