Thursday, August 12, 2010

The MW-DX-Season 2010-11 Officially Started!

This season´s mw-dx was officially opened during the "SDXL-Summer Meeting 2010" at Haapavesi. The Fireworks at the end of the meeting together with a heavy thunderstorm (sic!) marked the "official start" this year.

It seems there has been some good Trans Atlantic DX-openings like the one on August 9th with some nice loggings of Bolivia (at least on 1440 by JVH) ! and a few Peruvians (1540.16 seems to be rather common now, noted also at my home QTH). It seems we will see some good openings towards Latin America also later this month.

More about the Summer Meeting with some pictures later on. Stay Tuned. In the meantime please try to identify some of the DX-stations from the small video of the performance by our special guest star at the meeting Sauli Heikkilä ("DXing in 1970´s").
73 TK


  1. Radio Caroline!
    Radio Tuva with throat singing!
    dammit you guys have way more fun than UK dxers ;-)

    this will be a very interesting season while the sun is so unpredictable,

  2. Hi Tim;
    Thanks for the comment. Yes in Finland we have always fun with DXing ;-) 73s Tarmo