Sunday, January 31, 2010

Greetings from the Snow!

It seems this winter will become a record winter not only for good DX but as far as amount of snow is concerned. The snow has been accumulating up to about 40 cm now and there is more to come. The DX QTH is in the middle of snowy trees. BOG is under about 40 cm snow and my longwire seems to have problems in the forest.
The conditions seems to be "back in normal" without any big surprises in the end of January, let´s hope some better times until the next CH due to arrive around Feb 10.

Meanwile I have updated the list of Japanese MW stations logged from December 1st 2009 up to January 20 2010. The number of stations is now 70, I had forgetten a common JO-station JOER 1350. A few new were also noted in the beginning of January, like NHK-stations on 945 (NHK1) and 1467 (JOID Oita).
The list is at Google-docs (Japan list, times usually around 1055 to 1400 UTC)
Japan list


  1. Hi Tarmo,
    Interesting list.
    I've been going through my old dxpedition files from 08 & 09 so far I've got Japan on 549, 558,567,594, 612,747,774,873, 990, 1008,1242,1287, 1314,1377, 1422 (I can't remember the rest without checking) i had a presumed Kitami on 1188 but no sign of 702. no sign of 1350 which suprised me
    729 has too much DRM on it.
    no sign of 1593, maybe because our Beverage definitely works best around 990.
    no sign of 1017, 945 will be impossible due to a local stn.
    If i ever heard 1602 i'd probably die of shock!

  2. 精彩的文章是我停留的理由~.........................